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Delivering Maternal Care to Vulnerable Patient

We're a new breed of Not For Profit, utilizing Donor Funds to build self sustaining clinics in areas of need, delivering free care to indigent communities

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For Patients

Targeting poverty in pregnancy

Find out how our projects provide free access to essential healthcare services for expectant mothers and newborns in rural areas

For Doctors

Partner with us and build your practice

Our Shared Practice (SP) model allows your patient base to flourish and provides a low cost income stream for health professionals

Corporate Giving

Partner with us towards a healthier world

Our hybrid clinic model offers decades of care from a single founding donation. Partner with our clinics for the best ROI in the charitable health industry

Delivering A Human Right

Access to Basic Healthcare

At risk and disadvantaged communities historically have no or very poor access to basic health services. No where does this matter more than in the case of expectant mothers and the newborn. Clinics IV Life seeks to address this.


Our unique Clinic Partner Program offers Corporate sponsors real world returns and ownership


We embrace technology, utilizing cloud based diagnostics and DDI in remote areas


We engage all stakeholders in the development of our clinic sites to ensure maximum reach


Local Doctors for Local Communities. We empower local providers to offer care

Shared Practice

Our Shared Practice Agreement is unique and it's why our clinics become self sufficient

Excellence of Care

Rigorous vetting ensures our service providers are qualified to provide top tier care for patients

One People, One World

We do not distinguish by race, color or creed, but see all humanity as deserving of the fundamental right to care, an issue that plagues many developing countries and one that is even prevalent in U.S. Healthcare . To find out how we address these imbalances. click on the link below to learn more.

People in extreme poverty

735 million

No access to healthcare

400 million

Deaths during pregnancy

800 per day


One every 16 seconds

Corporate Giving

We are building a new hybrid model for healthcare delivery to indigent communities. We combine charity and sound business models to create self-sustaining maternal care clinics in third world countries

For Doctors

Join the 1000 Club, and for a small yearly donation to the charity, join an expanding network of doctors that are able to directly impact our clinical model. Networing on steroids for doctors wanting to ensure change.

Who drives our Clinic projects?

Meet the people behind the projects and the key professionals who assist us in furthering the provision of services to low-income demographics

Robert creates platforms to raise awareness of healthcare and issues impacting its delivery. He conceived Clinics IV Life to address patient care in remote..

Robert Turner

Founder, FOHI

Jeff oversees our U.S. arm of Clinics IV LIfe. He is a pioneer in health outreach through social media and is a practicing OBGYN in Dallas, Texas. He serves as an ...

Jeff Livingston, MD

Board of Directors

Kemi brings her passion and drive to our projects and an intimate knowledge of the industry. She is a widely recognized physician scientist and philanthropist...

Kemi Olugemo, MD FAAN

Chair, Fundraising Board

Hesham is a practicing Intensivist with 17+ years of clinical practice. He is board certified in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Medicine, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine.

Hesham A. Hassaballa, MD

Board of Directors

OBGYN, Keynote, Author, President and Co-Founder of Patient Care Heroes, Kellie is an outspoken warrior for women's right to healthcare and choice...

Kellie Lease Stecher, MD

Chair, U.S. Advisory Board

Gil brings decades of healthcare experience to the table, offering critical insight and advice on project development. He is global health chair of FINN Partners...

Gil Bashe

Chair, Board of Directors

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