Patient Zone

Resources for expectant mothers

You can find a collection of useful articles on pregnancy below, various contact forms and a link to access our booking system (not yet live) for specific clinics. Our articles are available in a number of languages, please check each article for available translations.

Patient Tools

Due Date Calculator

Use this calculator to work out the approximate due date of your baby based on the date of your last period. Dates are only estimates

Patient Feedback

We exist to protect the health of you any your baby. Your feedbacl on the clinics and the care you've recieved matters and helps us better serve you.

Book an Appointment

Make a clinic booking online. This service is open to all everyone, including new patients. Please canvel this appointment if you cannot keep it.

Our Patient Charter

We believe all patients, irrespective of their financial standing, culture, race, sex or ethnicity, deserve the same right to and access to medical care. We undertake to provide care to the communities we serve and uphold the rights of our patients, as outlined in our Patient Charter