Resources for our Colleagues

Tools for our healthcare professionals and administrative staff to engage and interact with each other and ourselves. There is also a section here for colleagues interested in joining the team or contributing skills to the project. You will need to log into your account to access administrative tools.

Access Provider Tools

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Patient Manager

Retrieve patient records, add, edit and append test results, scans and review medical history. Schedule follow ups and referrals.

Access Bookings

Access your booking calendar and manage your availability. Make changes to bookings, and block of time when you aren't available.

Our Intranet

Get in touch with colleagues and speak to management, all from one convenient console. Plan conference calls and more from a staff directory.


Upload patient ultrasounds to our cloud server for further evaluation or access scans that require additional investigation

Journal Access

We operate a number of paid subscriptions to relevant journals for our colleagues. Access these journals from this page


Yes, we treat paying patients, it's what makes our clinics sustainable and we will never turn away a patient for medical assistance

Document Library

Store documents securely, including contracts, medical notes, referrals, and more. Tag colleague's to share documents

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We're driven by a singular purpose. To ensure care reaches the people who need it most. If you share this passion, then we'd love to talk to you about a future with our family. Whether you're newly qualified, or an old hand, please do reach out to us. Our doctors and nurses are the life blood of our clinics and we value each and every one of you.

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Shared Practice Agreement

Our doctors enter into a Shared Practice Agreement or SPA with us. This agreement allows doctors to effectively manage, run and build a thriving practice of their own while assisting indigent members of the community. Our SPA creates a sustainable business model for doctors while allowing us to pursue our goal of treating 1000 indigent patients per year at each clinic. To learn more about the basic outlines of our SPA, click on the link below.