We strive to be as transparent to our donors as possible. You can access our corporation documents below and read more on how we allocate income generated by donations.


You can access all our corporation details from the links on the right. This information is provided as part of our commitment to transparency. As a newly established not for profit, we do not, as yet, have financials to display. Our W9 requires a passcode to access the downloaded PDF. Please request that here.

Statement of Purpose

Code of Ethics

Whistleblower Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy

Approval of Compensation

Gift Acceptance Policy

Document Retention Policy

501 IRS Status Letter

Certificate of Filing

Articles of Incorporation

Corporation Bylaws

Download our W9

How we allocate income from donations

All our income is derived from charitable donations. Our corporation's goal is to ensure that 85% of the money we receive is utilized exclusively for the development of the projects we operate. 15c out of every dollar we receive is allocated to the day to day running expenses of the not for profit. We have a strict cap on remuneration and salaries. Please see below.

Our income from Donor Contributions
Percentage designated to building clinics
Percentage designated to operating costs

How we cap management salaries

We cap payments to our duly elected management structure. Remuneration or salary paid to any member of our executive or management board may not exceed $5,000(US) per month or $60,000(US) in a calendar year.

While we would love to operate in a purely volunteer based world, the practicalities of operating a successful charity requires multiple skill sets, and access to these skills comes at a price. Our goal is to ensure we cap these expenses where possible. To view our Policy Of Board Approved Compensation, click here

How we make your dollar last decades

Unlike traditional charities and not for profits, our model incorporates new social business practices, startup culture and the latest technology to create a new kind of clinic. A hybrid, built by charitable donations and designed to be self sufficient.

What this means is that your donation enables the delivery of care for years to come without the need for supplemental funding. This principal sits at the core of our mission to deliver sustainable, life changing healthcare to disadvantaged communities.

To learn more about our hybrid clinic model and how it enables ongoing care, follow this link.