Benefiting Local Communities

Wherever in the world we develop, we always use local resources and skills for our projects. The reasoning is twofold. Development projects inject desperately needed capital into indigent areas through labor and other contracted services. Secondly, the involvement of local communities from the project's outset ensures a sense of local ownership.

What our projects mean to local communities

Work and income, possibly the scarcest resources in indigent communities.. Most of these areas are densely populated and supported mainly by subsistence farming. Work is seasonal and hard to come by. Working on one of our sites can mean a decent living wage for a family for up to a year. It can make the difference between a child eating and attending school or not.

From unskilled laborers to artisans, architects and doctors

Every country offers all the local resources required to complete a project. We maintain direct oversight of all construction, from the initial phase of identifying land to finishing off a premises with tiles and paint, but only in a supervisory capacity, to ensure foreign building standards are adhered to and that our clinics are built for the long term.

Building relationships

An important part of this process involves establishing relationships with local community members, establishing trust, and forging friendships that will endure long after the clinics are completed. Respect, humility and an appreciation of our shared humanity are key factors in selecting the staff we engage for overseeing these projects.

Supporting local healthcare

Our clinics support local government health outreach programs and in no way seek to replace these, but rather supplement care with technology otherwise unaffordable to indigent patients. We work hand in hand with local health officers to ensure vaccine schedules are met and that expectant mothers look to these healthcare workers for support and health supplementation.

Honing the skills of new doctors

Many of the doctors who engage with us are newly qualified and our systems allow them to benefit from the insights of their highly experienced foreign colleagues who selflessly volunteer their time to assist with ultrasounds and complex diagnoses. This network proves invaluable to new doctors learning their craft.

Ensuring the safety of a clinic

In areas that are prone to civil unrest, support of the community is key to the ongoing success of the project. Ensuring the community is invested in the clinic from the outset and cementing this bond with excellence of care ensures the longevity of the clinic, even in tumultuous environments.

A Global Invitation

We would like to issue an open invitation to people across the globe to assist us in identifying Areas of Special Need (ASN) that would benefit from our care delivery model. We are eager to establish partnerships in country and will consider requests from anywhere. To contact us regarding this, please fill in the form linked to below.