Doctors Supporting Maternal Health for The Disadvantaged

Join an influential community of doctors supporting maternal and newborn care in disadvantaged communities across the globe. This Clinics IV Life initiative allows doctors to address issues they care about and make real and meaningful change where it matters most.

About The 1000 Club


Imagine a community of 1000 doctors, bound by a common vision, to improve the imbalances in care experienced by women across the globe. It is a goal we share, and the focus of Clinics IV Life, to overcome the historical obstacles of sex, race and poverty that contribute to maternal and newborn mortality and inequality of care.

Our Clinic Projects are unique, self-sustaining centers of care and integrate with in-country healthcare systems, obviating the need for continued financial support. They offer a real and lasting opportunity to break the cycles of dependency prevalent in developing countries.

Through the 1000 Club, like minded medical professionals can come together to contribute to this process, helping us identify and develop sites across the globe, in South East Asia, Africa and India. The Club members annual donations empower them to translate many of their suggestions into actionable care on the ground, in partnership with Clinics IV Life.

Harnessing a Shared Vision

We were approached by colleagues who, aside from contributing financially to the charity, wanted to offer of their time and knowledge to the Clinics IV Life projects. The 1000 Club exists to connect these talented individuals, providing a platform where ideas, innovation and shared vision can translate into real care where it is most needed.

New diagnostic tests, cutting edge pharmacology, advances in radiography and more, are all shared through a network of like minded professionals, for the purposes of improving maternal care and expanding our clinic model. This is, we believe, medicine at its best - placing the patient and their needs at the heart of healthcare.

Join The 1000 Club

Club Benefits

Find Your Voice

The Club enables doctors to have a real world impact, voice their ideas and make actionable suggestions for the benefit of care on the ground. We consider your voices an indispensable component of our projects.

Increase your Reach

Want to promote yourself, your services and your solutions? We'd love to know about any new products, pharma, diagnostics and more relating to maternal and pediatric care. Use our network to inform and promote.

Find Real Value

Our self-sustaining model of care ensures your donation goes on giving and giving, for years to come, offering unbeatable ROI. Doctors can select a donation of either $500 or $1000 on signing up.

Partner with Us

Our Clinic Model was developed to overcome fundamental flaws in healthcare and charitable care that foster dependency and hamper delivery of care. Want to explore the model for other sectors of care? Get in touch.

Boost your Network

Club members enjoy access to a private LinkedIn group, created as a home for members to network, share ideas and promote their projects. Capped at 1000 members, don't miss out on your chance.

Provider Directory

Club members enjoy a full directory page to promote their practice, with contact details, services, map and more for up to ten colleagues. Our way of saying thank you for your support. Sign up here

How Do I Sign Up?

Two Simple Steps

Join this fantastic community of colleagues in two easy steps. Click on the link below and you'll be taken to a signup page. We have two fixed donation amounts for membership, either $500 or $1000. Both enjoy all the same benefits, we simply want the donations to be affordable to all doctors. As a 501(c)(3) all donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

Select an amount, complete your details and hit submit. You'll be taken to Stripe's secured server to complete the transaction and you can pay with your credit or debit card.

After your successful payment, you'll receive an email from us with details for joining the private LinkedIn group, contact details for getting in touch with us about your membership and a link to The 1000 Club logo's to display on your SM or web pages. We'll also send you your voucher code to access your free directory listing for your practice and instructions on how to redeem it.

For Clinics IV Life, your shared knowledge and vision for improving our shared mission of maternal care to the disadvantaged is invaluable. Your opinions matter and we listen. Talk to us.