Building a Better System

Changing the face of Women's Health

Unlike traditional charities and not for profits, our model incorporates new social business practices, startup culture and the latest technology to create a new kind of clinic. A hybrid, built by charitable donations and designed to be self sufficient.

What this means is that your donation enables the delivery of care for years to come without the need for supplemental funding. This principal sits at the core of our mission to deliver sustainable, life changing healthcare to disadvantaged communities.

Our Care Roadmap

10 Clinics in 10 ASN's

Our goal is to complete construction of ten purpose built clinics in ten areas identified as being Areas of Special Need or ASN's by the end of 2026. Our pilot project in the Philippines is only months away from completion.

Allocating Donor Funds

The money so generously gifted by our donors is used to build a business. A business that delivers care and that will become self-sufficient within six months, ensuring the long term provision of care provided by each clinic is not dependent on further donations.

1000 patients treated annualy

Our goal for each clinic is to provide care to 1000 expectant mothers and newborns each year. Patients who, without the benefit of the clinic, would have no other access to medical care, or, where limited care exists, to supplement it.

Placing a price on human life

How do you place a value on human life? For us, it amounts to the cost of being able to deliver care to the most vulnerable members of the communities we serve. The mothers and children. That cost works out around $100 a patient and would be far higher were it not for a dedicated team of volunteers who support us.

Our vision depends on your generosity

As a not for profit, we are dependent on donations from individuals and business to provide us with the means to realize these goals. Our goals don't just apply to third world countries, but also look to establish ASN's in certain states in America and other developed countries, where pockets of poverty still exist and threaten access to care.

What does my money buy someone?

In the case of expectant mothers, we offer care for the full duration of the pregnancy and care is afforded to her and the newborn for the first year of life to prevent them becoming yet another avoidable number in the most damning statistic in healthcare. 1 infant is stillborn every 16 seconds and a pregnant mother dies every 2 minutes. There is no world in which this is acceptable.

Can you help us provide this care?

Please do consider donating to Clinics IV Life. We know $100 is a lot to donate for some people and we will gladly accept whatever donation you can afford. We give you our assurance it will only ever be utilized for the provision of care to the communities we serve. To see how we allocate funding, follow this link