Clinic Partner Program

A fundamental cornerstone of our model. Our Clinic Partner Program pairs a corporate donor with a specific clinic, enabling a sense of ownership, oversight and input that extends far beyond a traditional donor/charity relationship. Learn more below


You dictate your company's level of engagement with the clinic you sponsor. If it's updates via email or actual site visits, we'll accommodate you in any way we can.


We encourage our donor partners to leave their mark on a clinic to raise community awareness of your company and the vision we share for a healthier world.


We will provide all the data, images and video on an ongoing basis to allow you to showcase the real-world impact of your donor funds in the community


Our corporate donors are able to engage directly with their partnered clinic, sharing and offering advice and input, from the initial design phases through to the clinic opening its doors to the public. We believe this process builds a sense of shared ownership, strengthens our partnership and benefits the communities we serve.


Get involved in the ongoing provision of care your clinic provides and cement your brands relationship with the community through health drives and community outreach projects. Check in on the care providers and if your company can offer resources to increase levels of care, we welcome your involvement.
If you've found our partnership rewarding, why not consider adding additional sites to your portfolio?


Showcase the real-world impact of your donation and the lives it touches on a daily basis. We provide our donor partners detailed data for their clinics' performance on a yearly basis, and try to humanize figures with the inclusion of image and video. We can also tailor these data to your requirements. As always, simply reach out to us with your needs.


Take the Next Step


Specifics on how our clinic model is structured, operational practice, set up costs and more. View online and download figures to ascertain if our model is a good fit for your company.


To arrange to speak to a member of our Fundraising Board about a potential partnership, please click on the link below. We respond within hours and will provide any additional information you may require.