Getting to Grips With an SPA

Imagine being offered a brand new, purpose built and fully equiped clinic to develop your practice in. For free! Our Shared Practice Agreement is key to the success of our clinic model and recognizes the most important factor in providing care. You.

What is a Shared Practice Agreement?

An SPA is an agreement between a healthcare professional, usually a gynecologist or pediatrician, and Clinics IV Life for the provision of services at a medical site that has been developed specifically for the provision of care in the fields mentioned for the benefit of indigent communities. This flexible agreement forms the bedrock of our relationship with our physicians.

Who is offered an SPA?

These agreements are extended to healthcare professionals who have expressed an interest in developing their practice in the location where a Clinics IV Life project is located. Our SPA's are of particular value to newly qualified doctors seeking to establish a practice without incurring crippling setup costs. We also look to engage with healthcare professionals who place their patient's interests first.

What are the benefits of an SPA?

Doctors are offered a new, fully equipped medical facility from which to practice their specialist medicine. No rental is charged, for the facility or the equipment housed on site. The flexible nature of the SPA allows it to be tailored to each health care professionals needs while still ensuring the primary goal of the clinic is achieved. We work closely with each physician to arrive at a mutually beneficial agreement that is evaluated yearly.

Do SPA's allow for private consultations?

Absolutely. Doctors are encouraged to focus on developing their paying patient base to ensure a clinics long term sustainability. The physician's time is distributed between private patients and clinic patients. The SPA allows for complete flexibility in the allocation of these appointments. For instance, specific days can be allocated to each patient group, or a doctor can spend the morning with private patients and choose to see clinic patients in the afternoons, or even schedule alternate appointments or days.

Allocation of running costs under an SPA?

We ensure each clinic is equipped to provide patients in the area access to treatments not usually available, such as Laparoscopy. This enables our doctors to maximize their practice income and easily meet normal running expenses, including staffing (a nurse and administrative staff member), practice insurance, utilities and other costs. Startup assistance is offered to new doctors for a period of six months to cover any shortfalls.

Can you moonlight under an SPA?

Unfortunately not. The SPA should be seen as an undertaking between ourselves and the physician to building a long term relationship and requires commitment from the physician toward building and establishing a thriving practice. It is however possible, where more than one clinic exists within densely populated areas, that physicians may agree to rotate with a view to expanding their practices.

Are there other benefits?

Absolutely. As a part of the Clinics IV Life family, we have your back. You will have access to the latest technology and tools to diagnose and treat patients and the backup of a global family of physicians that share your passion for patient focused medicine. The collective wisdom and experience of these colleagues is only ever a mouse click away

Realizing your true value

We prioritize our doctors and nurses. As a valued member of the Clinics IV Life community, your ideas, opinions and thoughts matter to us, and we continuously re-assess our clinic model based on the input you provide. Become a part of a community that values you enough to listen and cares enough to act.


Think we may be the right fit for your career or do you simply want to help disadvantaged communities. Whatever your motivation, we'd love to hear from you. Reach out to us and let's explore the possibility of forging a lasting relationship.