Your Right to Care in Our Clinics

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As a patient of our clinics we undertake to offer you a certain level of care and to maintain these standards we encourage you, as the patient, to hold us accountable. We dont just encourage you to speak up if you feel your care has been inadequate, we’d also like to hear from you about the positive things you experience while under our care.

Our doctors and nurses want to extend the best levels of care possible in the environment in which they operate, and like everyone else, the love to hear when they’ve got it right, so you praise matters, as do your concerns.

Our Patient Charter

Clinics IV Life and our doctors and staff undertake to provide you, our patient, with a certain level of care and ensure to the best of our ability that such care is delivered with compassion, understanding and respect. Our clinics adhere to the following patient charter, which is displayed prominently in each clinic, in both English and the appropriate local dialects.

  • To treat our patients with the dignity and respect our humanity dictates we afford each other
  • To be considerate of any patient’s individual needs and to accommodate, where possible, these needs. This extends to respecting a patient’s religious and cultural beliefs.
  • To ensure the medical safety of our patients and that patients are not exposed to undue risk
  • To ensure our patients are informed as to the purpose of the treatments they receive and understand why the relevant treatment or procedure is being performed.
  • To freely answer questions a patient raises regarding their care.
  • To ensure that each patient is allocated sufficient time for their individual consultations.
  • To draw no distinction between paying and indigent patients and to ensure that levels of care are maintained across both patient populations.

To ensure that these levels are maintained we encourage our patients to provide feedback on individual clinic facilities and the levels of care they experience. We offer an online mechanism for patients to provide this feedback. The feedback can be provided anonymously, but we encourage you to provide your information, particularly where grievances are of a more serious nature.

These complaints will be dealt with confidentially and a representative from our organization will ensure that each is thoroughly investigated, and where we deem it necessary, that remedial action is taken. We report back to you on the progress of a complaint and will often work hand in hand with a patient to ensure a matter is satisfactorily resolved.

To provide feedback on your experience with us, please use this form.

Protecting our Staff

Our staff and doctors work tirelessly to provide you the best level of care possible. In return we ask that you extend the same levels of courtesy and respect they extend to you. Where a patient acts in a manner that is disruptive to the clinic and endangers both clinic staff and other patients, the individual will be asked to leave the clinic and will forfeit their right to care. This applies to both the individual and any spouse or chaperone accompanying the patient.

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This article has been checked for medical accuracy by appropriately qualified doctors on our advisory board and the contents deemed correct. If you think you may require medical assistance, always refer immediately to your doctor.

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