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The Digital Heart of our Clinic Software

Our Patient Manager reflects our passion for securing and digitizing patient information in rural settings. The internet is universally accessible and offers our doctors on the fly access to critical information, DDX systems and accurate record keeping. View the features below.

Manage Patient records online

Our goal is a paperless practice, ensuring patient records are secure and accessible only by clinic staff. Patient Manager offers full control over patient information, medical history, notes, referrals, prescribed medications and more. Doctors and nurses are able to simultaneously access a record, ensuring efficiency and clear audit trails.

Update and Diagnose in one step

With Isabel's DDX technology built into the Patient Manager, you can elect to keep your diagnostic history if you use the DDX tool. It will automatically update you patient notes for later reference, allowing you to focus on your patient.

Follow Me built in

Move to any terminal, enter your user ID and the patient's file you've been working on will automatically transfer to the new terminal, obviating the need to search the database. Simply select "Follow Me" from the dashboard to activate this feature. Each clinic is provided with two tablets, donated by Samsung, that support this feature, allowing you to update on the fly without the risk of overwriting files.

Rich Media

Patient Manager supports multiple file formats and you can add almost any kind of audio, video or image files to your patient record. Immediately share images and video with colleagues around the globe to assist with a difficult diagnosis.

Capture Voice Notes

Capture voice notes for later reference. Our Patient Manager can access microphones at the click of a button, freeing up your hands and allowing you to record your diagnosis or parts of your consultation. We encourage doctors and nurses to notify their patients and seek consent before activating Capture.

Selective Access ensures privacy

While doctors enjoy full access to patient records, nurses have limited read and write permissions. Administrative staff can only access patient details and cannot view patient noes or access other sensitive data. Another step we take to ensure patient privacy.

Patient Data Security

We ensure that any patient data stored on our cloud system is kept in a secured environment that is only accessible to Clinics IV Life staff. End to end encryption ensures that any data breaches, should they occur, would only yield non-identifiable information. We do not harvest data or on-sell any patient information to third parties.