Our Partners

If we could sing their names from the mountain tops we would. These companies and organizations enable and share our vision, supporting us in a myriad ways that make our continued progress possible. If you are looking for ethical companies to partner with, look no further.

We're proud to be associated with Zebulon Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charity founded in 2022 by Kemi Olugemo, one of our charity's directors. The Zebulon Foundation shares our goals and vision for delivering care to disadvantaged communities and is active in Nigeria. Their current aim is to close gaps in indigent healthcare by establishing a pilot clinic in Lagos staffed with rotating culturally competent healthcare providers. Please support them to help realize this goal.

Clinics IV Life is indebted to the fantastic doctors at MacArthur Medical Center who volunteer time and skills to assist us in assessing cloud based ultrasounds from a diverse range of countries where in-country skills are often unable, through lack of experience or training to properly assess fetal scans. This redundancy system offers an additional layer of care for our patients.

Philips offered the perfect balance between portability and image quality when it came to selecting an imaging partner for our clinics. In rural locations where portability is king, models like their CX50 tick all the boxes in terms of being compact without sacrificing image clarity, while the Avalon range offers a wide suite of tools for fetal monitoring . Philips's expansive global support network ensures any technical issues are quickly addressed.

Home of the longform essay, FOHI is dedicated to restoring respectful debate on critical issues facing healthcare in the coming decades. FOHI operates independently of any commercial interests, ensuring a wide range of uncensored opinions on often taboo topics that impact health. From the pandemic responses and societies failures to protect at risk communities, to topics focused on liberating healthcare from the stranglehold of pharma and insurers.

Clinics IV Life relies on Medika Life for medical reference material, including links to articles describing anatomy, pregnancy and pediatric care. Medika's ethical and unbiased approach to providing breaking health news, opinion and information place it at the forefront of a new generation of digital health publications.

MOBILIZE™ is the philanthropic arm of Medika Life. It is Medika's goal to highlight health related issues globally, irrespective of location or demographic. MOBILIZE™ enables Medika to raise awareness, encourage discourse and amplify voices within the industry towards a fairer, more equitable and accessible healthcare infrastructure. Why not join them.

Clinics IV Life partners with FedEx as our carrier of choice. Their expansive network and in-country expertise removes the necessity of engaging clearance agents in the different regions we ship to. To arrange for collection of donated medical equipment and consumables, please refer to our contact page for more details.

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Interested in joining a great cause? We'd love to have your support and we actively promote our partners as our way of saying thank you.