Rewarding Corporate Donors

Realworld Data You Can Use

Merely noting your donation or grants to a charitable or non-profit entity might show your intent. What it fails to achieve however, is quantifying the real world impact of the way in which your company chooses to do social good. We understand this and view our corporate donors as essential partners in our journey.

Real World Data

Measurable results

Real Time Impact

Lives Touched

Directed Giving

Allocate Funds to projects

Showcasing the societal and health impacts of your Company's social giving

Targeted Funds

If you are happy to merely allocate funding to a charitable institution without a detailed audit trail for the use of the funds, then we probably won't be a great match for your company. We seek rather to partner with companies who care deeply about the real world impact of their giving.

By extension, we understand these companies care about achieving measurable results, almost as passionately as we do. We prepare and submit bi-annual reports to our largest corporate donors, focusing on not only the expenditure of funding, but the impacts this funding has on the patient demographic we serve. We believe in attaching faces and real world results to the numbers, making donor outcomes more relatable and ensuring transparency.

Show Your Clients How You've Impacted People's Health

Clinics IV Life will provide you all the data related to the funding you've gifted to us. Aside from typical "where we spent it" information, we break down exactly how and where your funding has been spent, the impact it has had on the community where it was used, the infrastructure and equipment it purchased, or in the case of buildings, the brick and mortar results that will deliver care for decades.

To make this data relatable and to enable our donors to showcase the clear societal benefits of their giving, we attach photos and videos taken specifically for each of the companies who partner with us to improve the health of indigent communities.

We also encourage our donors to select how and where they would like their funds allocated. It may be toward the purchase of medical equipment, the construction of physical premises, or the purchase of land and, in cases where donor companies have ties to a geographic area, we can even discuss utilizing a grant or funding only in a specific location.

Lastly, we place plaques on our completed clinics to thank the companies that have enabled the construction and completion of a facility. At a price tag of under 150,000 USD per facility, you can even elect to finance a particular clinic in its entirety, something we welcome and encourage.

Put Your Name On It

Select a site and allocate funding toward the completed construction and equipping of a clinic in an area of special need. Your company will be permanently associated with the care it provides to the community.

Showcasing The Social Good

We provide you comprehensive data on your contribution, along with media and press releases, designed to underscore what your contribution has helped us achieve in terms of provision of care.

Long Term Impact

Dollar for dollar, you will struggle to realize a better return for your money, with our clinic models designed to provide self-sustaining care over decades, without the need for supplemental funding.

Partner with us

Help us expand our vision and build a better world. Whether you choose to fund a clinic in its entirety or would simply prefer to make a meaningful contribution toward the provision of equitable maternal care, our team would love to chat. To express an interest, click the link below