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Our Community strengthens us

Nothing beats being part of a supportive peer community that shares your values. Having open access to that community's shared knowledge is an indispensable asset and one we offer our practitioners.

Connecting our Network

One of our greatest strengths lies in the connections we share with doctors across the globe, professionals with vast experience that selflessly offer up their time and knowledge to help. This knowledge pool is available as a resource to all our practitioners, whether it's a second opinion or a condition that defies diagnosis. Our intranet is the gateway.

Creating Community

Every person involved with Clinics IV Life shares our objective of providing care to underserved communities. This group of like minded professionals provides not only medical knowledge, but also a sense of community. Kindred spirits and a supportive network are critical to the doctors who deal with the patients we offer care to. Discussion groups are a part of intranet.

Reach out in seconds

Doctors can post requests for assistance in seconds. These requests can be directed at groups, for instance OBG or Ped groups inside the intranet, placed as open requests, or tagged with individual doctors names. Where advice is sought that is outside the remit of any groups, administrators will attempt to secure the relevant information sought.

Consult our Knowledgebase

We aggregate and catalog resolved requests to make them searchable, unless they are marked private, for the benefit of other doctors, creating a searchable knowledgebase for our practitioners to consult.