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Our Document Library

Our document library serves as repository for all the documents our Clinics use on a daily basis and our users are able to upload, save and share their own documents with colleagues and co-workers.

Store and Retrieve

Our document storage system feeds document templates to our Patient Manager, Billing and other Clinic services. These documents can be retrieved individually or utilized from within an application. Users receive their own allocated space for the storage of documents and can choose to share these with colleagues across the intranet.

Printed Prescriptions

To avoid confusion and incorrectly prescribed medications, prescriptions are drawn from the document library and printed for a doctors signature. This process ensures patients are not inadvertently given the wrong dosages or medicines and usage instructions are clearly printed on the prescription for the patient's benefit.

Patient Materials

The document library also serves as a repository for informational leaflets and advice that can be printed off and handed to patients, on a range of topics covering maternity and caring for a newborn. These documents are aslo translated from English and made available in local dialetcs.