We've got you covered

The going is tough out there for new and small charities. Accessing funding and raising awareness while trying to build, what is essentially a business, from the ground up, is daunting. We know first hand. We also know that there is strength in numbers, shared resources and expanded networks. You don't need to go it alone and you don't need to sacrifice your charity's identity to access the benefits of a shared community. Talk to us.

What we look for in our partners


We get excited when we see new ways of solving old problems. When existing solutions prove ineffective, innovation is required, new models that offer a whole new approach to the delivery of charitable care.


You cannot fix a problem without firsthand experience of it's subtleties. We love small focused charities who live among the populations they serve. Being present matters when it comes to charitable aid.


Charities and nonprofits need to be beyond reproach. We look for properly registered partners with all their paperwork available to the public. This matters to donors and encourages transparency.


Benefit from an expanded network to raise donor funding for projects and forge lasting relationships with donors


Build independent, self sustaining centers of care utilizing our Clinic Model IP, tailored to your patients needs


You don't need to do it all alone. Retain your charity's identity and benefit from being part of a caring, purpose driven community focused on change


Draw knowledge and resources from a community of like minded professionals commited to change

Shared Values & Goals

Of course, sharing the same goals we do matters for a successful partnership, and although not a prerequisite, we look to partner with charities engaged in the fields of maternal and infant care. The backbone of our charity is our clinic model, and we freely share the clinic models IP with our charity partners. Aside from the self-sustaining nature of the model, we also provide a complete suite of medical software and the Clinic IV Life intranet to support the model.

Partner Benefits

Harness our Network

Connect with medical professionals

Access our ever expanding network of doctors, medical professionals and donors and benefit from a community of driven passionate people seeking to improve the lot of women's health

The Clinic Model

Self-sustaining care built on charity

Our unique model offers the best of both worlds, donor based construction and systems designed to ensure long term self sustainability. Customize the model for your patient demographic.

Retain your charity's identity while benefiting from the shared resources of ethical partnership. Interested? If your charity operates in the Americas, Asia or Africa and serves disadvantaged patient communities, we'd love to hear from you. Reach out to using the link below.

Software & Support

Inhouse software designed for market

We build our software to support clinics in remote areas, making the most of the cloud and remote diagnostic tools to assist doctors diagnosis. Support is offered through our global network of connected care providers.