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The doctor will see you now

Running appointments smoothly matters in any practice. Rural areas are even more dependent on a simple and accessible system to gain access to a doctor, with patients often travelling miles on foot. We try and simplify the process for patients by offering them online access to our booking calendars.

Eliminating Patient Queues

If you're pregnant or carrying a small infant, the last thing you want is to sit in a stuffy waiting room for hours waiting for the doctor. Especially in tropical climates. An efficient and reliable booking system is therefor essential, not just to the doctors and staff, but to the patients. Our digital booking system can be accessed online by patients and doctors, and unlike other tools in our administrative suite, it functions beautiflly on smart phones.

Self Help Bookings

Patients can access a Clinic diary from their smartphones and select an open slot to book an appointment. If there are no openings, they can add their names to a waiting list for emergency bookings. If slots open, they will be notified on a first come, first served basis, or alternatively contacted by the clinics to come in. Patients are required to provide a cell number to confirm a booking.

Configure Calendars with ease

Clinic calendars can be configured with in a few, simple steps. Allocate colors to slots, decide how many slots you require, configurable for each day of the week and be alerted when doctors calendars conflict with booking calndars.

Need to shift an appoinment?

Simply drag and drop the conflicting appointment to a new slot and the system will notify the patient by text message. (requires patient cell number). Cancelling an appointment will also generate a text message to the patient.