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Keeping track

Our doctors treat paying patients and it is important they are able to reconcile their books. We have built in an accounting system that simplifies practice accounts.

Generate and print on the fly

In a few clicks, front desk staff can produce clear and accurate bills for patients, drawing from billing tariffs our clinicians set up on the system. End of day routines ensure the books balance with cash on hand and daily summaries are automatically posted to the appropriate ledger.

Simplified reporting

Utilize various filters to keep track of income by department, service, or provider. The system will also generate reports based on daily, weekly and monthly turnover, with options to separate cash payments, card payments, and insurance or medical aid based payments. Display unpaid claims in a few clicks.

Keeping up with claims

With public issued health insurers and medical insurance companies, the process of managing claims can become onerous. Our system simplifies these claims by scheduling automated weekly reports you can run on a day of your choosing.


Ensure your nurses and front office staff are paid in accordance with your countries tax requirements and separate any employer based contributions for tax purposes.


Add invoices directly to the system and allocate payment dates. The system will generate a daily report of payments that need to be made and can even instruct an EFT or banking instruction in certain countries.