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A womb with a view

Our ultrasound scans are critical to ensuring a health pregnancy for our patients and identifying problems early in the pregnancy allows doctors to take remedial action. Our network ensures very little slips through the net.

Cloud Secured

We utilize secured cloud services from Google to store and share our scans. Despite having complete confidence in our server security, we still take the precaution of using the patient ID rather than names to tag our scans.

Screened Twice

A patients doctor will look over the results of the ultrasound to ensure everything is going smoothly with a pregnancy. As a further safety net for patients, the uploaded scans are also assessed by a network of doctors and sonographers that offer their time and skills voluntarily.. This offers patient's increased piece of mind and ensures we dont miss anything.

A Reference Library

If a screening identifies anything of concern, we tag these scans and they are copied anonymously into our Knowledge bank. Doctors can readily call up these scans for comparison when evaluating their own patients. This serves as an excellent reference for new doctors and also as a teaching tool.